Mobile game app testing!

Stay in the Circle has reached Testflight and is prepping for release!

In order to publish the best product possible, I’m looking for casual beta testers. You will simply gain access to the app and be allowed to report any feedback you have. Please notify me with anything you have comments and critique on.

Sign up for the beta testing HERE (if you have an iPhone):

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A round of updates.

Okay, so, here’s what’s new.

One, I’ve released my AutoResequencer [here]. It’s a tool that will help you sort large quantities of files. Most useful if you’re a game developer, or have lots of pictures named similarly.

Two, my secret mobile game, Stay in the Circle, is close to seeing the light of day. A publishing company has responded and I am in the second round of getting it ready to release. I know it’s taken a lot longer than I said it would, but that’s life.

Three, I have another game (one inspired by the Ludum Dare) coming very soon. It’ll be a short development time (think 1-2 weeks).

I also started working on a small new project that would make encrypting files super easy and secure. The Github repo is [here] if you want to see it.

That’s all for now.

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Ludum Dare After-Report

So, this Ludum Dare was another cool mix of staying up super late and coming up with wacky ideas that fit the theme for the 41st famous game jam’s theme of, “Combine 2 incompatible genres.” Yikes.

With proper time management (We started a day late), and a smaller scope we might have finished our game. We were very close. However, the jam gave us a sweet idea that we will be working on and finishing even upon the dare’s completion. It’s that good.

So while I won’t submit anything officially, I’d like to thank Ludum Dare for helping me get off my lazy butt and making a sick game based off their theme. More to come soon.

TL;DR: I consider this Dare to be a success.


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What’s new?

With the coming release of my new mobile game (95% complete-ish), I thought I’d pop on over to say how things are going.

I’ve had a couple projects completed or nearly completed.

Recently I released my ClassicTube extension (check that [here]), and I’m also getting ready to release a tool for other game developers, coming soon!


And of course, blockchain technology. I should be putting some work into something along those lines pretty soon.

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YouTube Downloader updated!

The downloader has been updated with more functionality! In this release:

– The program will now re-search for album art if you change the title or artist after the initial search. It will not auto-add the art if you change it manually.

– Fixed a bug where it would replace what you manually set in the “album” input field.

– Fixed a bug in the auto-updater code. If your version isn’t seeing the new release, pick up the latest copy [here].


In other news, I have a new mobile game I’m working on that is almost completed. Plans for that are coming soon!

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