All Projects

A list of all my projects, even most of the unimportant ones.

A Fowl Apocalypse
A small game made for a game jam. You play as a bird escaping an apocalyptic city.
An extension that blocks all annoying auto-playing videos.
A program for automatically re-ordering items named similarly. Geared towards creatives.
BOB The Second Mission
A small top down shooter made in flash.
An extension to restore the classic theme for YouTube.
A lightweight program that does not run in the background, and removes the necessity of running Razer Synapse to show your custom profiles.
A small flash game of a tiny spaceship and some strangely shaped meteorites.
Combo Generator
A web tool to generate strings of combos for animators to animate. Useful when you can't think of anything else to animate. Originally created for Stickpage's and Hyun's Dojo's animators.
A flash (ported to Desktop) beat-'em-up sidescroller game about a stick figure's quest to steal an impressively powerful glove. Includes many combos and strategies. Frontpaged on Newgrounds.
Custom Native Tile
A small program to allow setting custom images for Windows 10 tiles. Doesn't require any other program to work, doesn't require any installations.
Diamond Dodge [Video] [Download]
A demo VR game to showcase common VR practices and my skills as a VR developer.
One of the first flash games I've made. Use a unique control scheme to try and get as far as possible on a parallax space background.
D.O.D.G.E. Reloaded
A smaller sequel to D.O.D.G.E. using the same control scheme, but even more simplified.
Double Jump
A flash game, and one of the ideas during a brainstorming session that managed to see the light of day.
Epic Survival
Flash is required to play this game. A better version of a simple mouse avoider game. Dodge bright shapes and achieve the high score.
Firefox Dark New Tab
A simple application for facilitating the installation of a dark new tab theme for Firefox.
Frequency Switcher
A handy program that can switch the refresh rate or resolution of any monitor(s). Accepts command line arguments.
Hopper [Android] [iOS]
An iOS and Android app where you control animals and dodge flowers to a bright soundtrack.
A webGL test in Unity3d.
A simple flash test game for collisions.
MonoChrome Tetris
A Tetris clone that allows choosing your own tetrimos to play with in grey and more grey.
Mouse Dodger
A simple but high quality mouse dodger. Dodge the evil red blocks with your mouse!
Pixel Rush
A simple flash game for a game jam. Gameplay is based off of Geometry Dash or The Impossible Game.
Pixel Rush 2
A more advanced infinite runner style game, built with Unity and exported to webGL.
A completely redundant Pokedex built with Electron.
A program built to make military-grade encryption as simple as a drag and drop of the file you want to encrypt onto the program.
A short fangame based upon the percieved events of the first child in the UNDERTALE story.
A program that allows you to search with whatever browser and search engine you want from Cortana seamlessly.
Spin Ninja [Android] [iOS]
A mobile game built to be hard and frustrating, but ultimately rewarding when you master gameplay.
A short desktop twin stick shooter built for a game jam.
Stay in the Circle [Android] [iOS]
A hyper-casual game where you attempt to keep a ball inside of a circle. Think single-player pong.
A game built to annoy the player with as many facets as possible.
Undertale Save Editor
A web tool that helps you modify your UNDERTALE save file to get you anywhere in the game with anything.
A service that will complete your Membean for you. How? Magic.
Wall Ball [Android] [iOS]
A hyper-casual zen-like experience with uninterrupted gameplay, beautiful colors, and slick animations.
A program that gives you the ability to easily download YouTube videos as .mp3s with clipboard detection, automatic album art searching, and in-app meta tag editing.