I’ll stick to ice cream.

I code stuff. That means it’s expected that I drink coffee. I’d like to, but I’ve never gotten around to trying it.

I came close the other day, however. I was walking with an old friend to a small coffee stand right outside where I was taking classes. Standing to the side while she ordered, my eyes quickly took in the delicious looking menu of different ways to drink your coffee. “Raspberry Mocha”, “Irish Mint Frappuccino” (which is apparently frappe and cappuccino put together, who knew), and “Blueberry Cream” jumped out at me. That sounds delicious, I thought longingly, in a wistful sort of way. Plus, I am pretty tired right now.

Even to someone who doesn’t drink, that looks good. There’s something about steaming hot drinks that’s comforting in a way. I imagine the taste to be something akin to coffee ice cream, even though I’ve only had that once. I’ve been informed by my friends that I’m completely incorrect, but that won’t spoil my fantasy. Iced coffee sounds even better.

I’m afraid to start, now. I don’t have the money to buy a new graphics card, let alone coffee all the time to feed my addiction. I’ll leave the coffee drinking to the pros, and stick with my ice cream.

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3 thoughts on “I’ll stick to ice cream.”

  1. Suggestion: Buy blueberry cheesecake ice cream and coffee ice cream and mix them together. It’ll give you all the goodness of your tastebud fantasy, without any of that bitter coffee taste.

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