The data breach continues.

Continuing on from last time’s blog post, here’s some more bad news. Security researchers believe that Collection #1 was part of a larger series of data breaches. Seven of them in total so far.

  • “ANTIPUBLIC #1” (102.04 GB)
  • “AP MYR & ZABUGOR #2” (19.49 GB)
  • “Collection #1” (87.18 GB)
  • “Collection #2” (528.50 GB)
  • “Collection #3” (37.18 GB)
  • “Collection #4” (178.58 GB)
  • “Collection #5” (40.56 GB)

This amounts to an absolutely HUGE amount of leaked data.


What should I do?

The same as before. Check your passwords on this website once a week for a month or so. Make sure you’re using passwords over 8 characters with a mix of symbols and other characters. Ignore any emails that claim to have hacked your email address and want Bitcoin from you.

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One thought on “The data breach continues.”

  1. But if I don’t send them Bitcoin, they’ll send emails to all my family and friends showing all the guitar websites I visit.

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