The future of phones: Is it folding?

The verge released this video, and I wanted to write a couple of my thoughts down as well.

I don’t think that as of right now, you should buy a folding phone. A folding phone is just too bulky, too big, not refined enough, and way too expensive. Your money would be better spent elsewhere.

The folding technology would be better served, I think, in tablets. Portable tablets that you can fit into your pocket while you’re going to your flight sound much better, to me, than a phone that can turn into a tablet.

And, in the future, phones will be able to. But for now, the thickness of the device coupled with the space between the two slabs of device renders it a choice I’m not even gonna consider this year or the year after, until they get flatter and cheaper.

I’m not saying that this wasn’t expected. It is. This is the natural early release of any revolutionary technology or product. The first iPhone compared to the 5th was a WORLD of difference in only a few short years. The same will be true of the folding phones. I just recommend not jumping on the bandwagon just yet, as I have faith that the technology will make leaps and bounds and be nearly unrecognizable from the clunky device that we have in front of us right now.

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One thought on “The future of phones: Is it folding?”

  1. Agreed. Two grand for a phone? Even one that folds? I can’t afford to be an early adopter. But I’m glad some can.

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